Server: Libertas WoW
Patch Version: 3.2.0

A server based exclusively on the role-playing aspect of World of Warcraft!

Our features include:
[-] A custom-built city with a rich lore behind it!

[-] Game Master commands that enhance your experience here such as:

.char additem - Which will allow you to add any piece of armor or any weapon to your inventory.

.recall port - This command will allow you to get around the world with ease!

[-] With the lifting of class restrictions on ALL items, you will be opened to limitless customization of your character.
Hello, thank you for viewing this post about this incredible server, Libertas. My name is Rush, and I am currently serving on the staff as a "Librarian". My purpose is to view applications and determine if they satisfy the Lore of Warcraft, and approve/deny as I see fit.

The bit above is shown on our main forums, but, I can tell you a little bit more about the server itself.

The server generally has up to 20+ people online at a time (More in the night times, less in the daytimes ((School, work, etc..))), and is completely dedicated to role playing, and holding a role playing atmosphere for those that play on it.

The custom city spoken above is known as "Loria" and features a rich lore, background, and build. Loria is a human city. The main antagonist of the city are the "Bloodtusks" are a gathering of Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres, who seek to destroy the humans and claim the city for themselves. The staff is currently developing a D&D type fighting structure for all events having to do with Loria skirmishes.

Multiple GM commands are given to all players, and can be used to achieve armor and weapons to fit an appearance you would like to role play. Recalling is available too, allowing you to quickly appear near a scene or storyline.

Availability. The server is up 99% of the time, rare downtime to apply patches and quick fixes. It is a very well established server, having been online for more then a year. A direct descendant of the Azshara line of role playing servers, Libertas has reached successful peaks during it's existence.

"But wait a minute! I thought guns were bad. False. .. ... ... I mean.. But wait a minute, I don't know how to role play!"
We have developed an interesting section in our forums that would fit well with this predicament. The RP academy is always open, and you may also ask around in game for a more direct help from Staff and Players alike.

Thank you, again, for taking the time to read this, and we hope you take the time to visit!