Sick of WotLK or you just miss the good ol' PvP and PvE in TBC?
Then you should check this server out!

~What you can expect from the server?~

- patch 2.4.3
- alot of BGs, Arena, Open PvP and PvE!
- scripted instances
- a very stable trinity core based server
- nice support
- bug fixes!
- up to three
- no custom items
- the good ol' classic pvp titles

- free S1 & Tier 3
- S2 for honor
- S3 for arenapoints
- S4 for arenapoints & rating
- full scripted instances
- battlegrounds (even AV!)
- open pvp in hjyal
- up to three professions

~comming soon~
blizzlike 2x rated server!

We hope we will see you!

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