Hello, my name is Emery. I created this account to see if I could find some people who know how to make a World of Warcraft private server. I'm looking for people who have knowledge in C++, people who have had experience with making their own private servers, GMs of other private servers, and anyone who has a fairly good knowledge of private servers. I have a machine I can run the server on, etc. My goal is to be a recognized private server. I myself will be the admin of the server. I will be looking for 1 other admin as well. I will need 4 regular GMs to police the server if I am unavailable. Please do not bother me if you are a novice in this area. Please fill out the application below and message me on here with the completed application and for my e-mail adress. Thank you, and I hope there are some people interested in this.

(Sorry if you think I'm taking this too seriously)



What spot are you interested in?

Do you have any experience with WoW private servers or C++ etc?

Have you ever been a GM on another server or hosted your own server? If so, which one(s)?

Why should I pick you for the position?

How can you help me create and further improve the server?

On what days/hours are you available to help out?