We're back, you could know about us, because we have restarted this project now! This project has been online until 3 years ago but there are some difference in the team and so the server must be closed. At the end we have over 75000 registrated player so at every time more 3000 player online

Now we are back with a new team and a few from the old team, at moment we search more good people for our project they would help us!

We have planed a highrate realm, blizz realm, and a pvp realm

We have already done many things on the highrate server.

But we need more Helpers
We search Developers

You must have knowleges in
C++/lua and Sql.
You need a Headset
You should work your self
We use the emulator Openbasic

To join us you should be 18 becouse we need persons with ripeness but you could learn us better an show how good are you and we would think again if we make an exeption.

We search too, Built Gamemasters
You must know the basic commands from Openbasic
you should know the worldmap,
and you have some experience in work with gameobjects
and how you can built an playertreff ...

At the end, I must say we are an German/English server, at the beginning of WoWkse we had a lot of english useres and would have aggain so much useres but we need too english stuff, I think the hole team could speak english so we won't have any problems with the language!

Our homepage

I hope you are interrested
and sorry for some mistakes
but nobody is perfect.

Greetings from
the WoWkse Stuff
We make your game!