Evolutionwow has reopened!

We are starting over fresh and clean with a new core. We have reopened and are building up to make the server better than what it was in the past. Some of you may remember that we closed down a few months ago, but now armed with the knowledge that we have gained over the years along with a fresh start, we are back and ready to be the number one private server out there!

We currently have two servers;

Our D
arkwind realm is an instant 80 PvP/Raiding Server.
This server features custom instances, world bosses, PvP, custom items,
generously equipped malls, and many more unique features.

Sacredfire is a Blizzlike Mid-Rate Realm. It features an overall retail
experience with accelerated rates, a fantastic community, and scripted dungeons,
raids, and quests.

We are currently running on patch 3.3.2 with no lag and it is 99% bug free!

We have a flourishing community forum, as well as our very own ventrilo server.

To learn more about us and join, visit us at: EvolutionWoW - Home

If you have any problems connecting, please join the live support function, where a member of staff will be happy to assist you.