We proudly introduce our new WoW Server: eGaming WoW 3.3.2

Some info:

- Mangos emulator
- Friendly GMs, low lag
- 24/7 uptime
- Great community, NO CRASHES! NO ROLLBACK!
- Almost all dungeons are scripted and available (heroic instances too)
- Battlegrounds working (AV, WsG, AB, EoS).
- Working Dual talent specialization.
- Ulduar 80% blizzlike (Flame Leviathan encounter missing)
- Trial of the Champion
- Icecrown Citadel
- Forge of the Soul
- Pit of Saron
- Halls of Reflection
- Official quest tracking system
- Auction House Bot
- Anti-cheat system
- A few Vehicle fixes.

Realm info:

- Blizzlike (1x) (no custom stuff)
- Sylvanas (5x-10x) (no custom stuff)

Host info:

- root admin : BloodLord ([email protected])
- Xeon quad core 1.86 ghz (Dell Server)
- 16 GB ram
- 2x 750 GB HDD
- supported players: ~ 1k player/realm

Home page: Terms of Service
Forum: eGaming WoW Forum -> Index page

Tell all your friends about this server, Join eGaming WoW !
You won`t regret it
Cya all in the game.