Blizzsucks Gaming

Blizzsucks server was created to bring back what was some may argue the best time the Warcraft era has had. However Blizzsucks is trying to achieve something that other servers can not, most 1.12.1 servers boast their Blizzlike rates and allow people to level their way to 60, Blizzsucks gives you the chance to skip the leveling part and get stuck into the End Game, this means that as soon as you create your charactr you are level 60 with Dungeon set 1 starter gear, we also provide free epic mount training with a free epic mount and also all class abilites already trained to allow you to get into the action as soon as possible!

However the level 60 boost is the only boost Blizzsucks gives you, this means that you need to work for your epics, for your pvp titles and for your in-game fluff, which allows you to play the real pre-tbc experience without wasting hours of your time leveling.

The Server

The Server is less than a week old, and although a long time has been spent getting it up to the standard it currently is in more work needs doing, however it has got to the stage where players are needed to find the problems, which is why we are looking for more people to join the growing community and make Blizzsucks a great 1.12.1 server.

If you wish to find more information on the server please visist blizzsucks dot com

Thankyou for your time
Blizzsucks Team