Helo guys!! Brand new server is up and running!

We are useing patch 3.3.3a mangos. and server is always up!

We are doing many fun events, like PVP, stair events, hide n seek and many more.
We got 2 malls 1 for horde and 1 for Alliance
Icecrown citadel is spawned, with all boss scripted and no known buggs.
We got all from Hateful to Wrathful Season 8 and Tier 10 Heroic!
GameMaster applycations are closed for now untill we get more players.
Bring your freind/s to our server and get rewarded!
Greate staff, freindly and very helpful and will help you as soon as possible!

Best Regards

hope we see you in-game!

Register at: site forrealzwow.ath.cx
Realmlist is: Set realmlist forrealzwow.ath.cx