Good evening, we at Infected Gamers just love World of Warcraft, and it's our pleasure to present to you our grand opening of our new Funserver!

Our goal is to bring as much joy out of level 60 as possible, and to achieve this we've created multiple new instances using old dungeons (and some new (TBC) ones) and then put the level 60 raids into them,
creating a repeatable "raid" ranging from 3-man (ZG & AQ20), 5-man (MC & BWL) and 10 to 15-man (Naxxramas, AQ40 and Stormwind Prison (will contain custom bosses with custom scripts)).

We've created a mall in Shattrath City (Will change this to every other main city when we have the time), where you'll get your starter gear for free, buy new gear and enchants etc. All class trainers are of course present, and there's the Zone Teleporter and Dungeon Teleporter.

We also have around 150 custom quests, custom items, custom "games" in the world (only one at the moment, but there's more to come!), redesigned items and much more!

We have also added rewards to multiple factions around Azeroth (thank god for the Zone Teleporter)

We're still in the starter stage, but we think it's time we release this server to the public, and then add more content later on!
But don't worry, there's ALOT to do!

We focus on giving the best level 60 experience by having farmable Raids, 3 to 15 man but challenging raids and in true Funserver style:

  • Instant level 60
  • Custom Mall (@ Shattrath City)
  • Custom Items
  • Custom Bosses (w/scripts)
  • Custom Built Instances
  • Custom Games
  • Free Starter Gear
  • MC Items For Sale
  • Tier 2 is now Multispec-ready!

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