InceptionEmu is getting ready to launch! We need you, the community, to help us out. We require some testers, Dev's, and even GM's. If you want to apply for a "GameMaster" position you must have a mic! Being a tester however requires nothing. Register on us.kbve. com / inception/. We have an instant 80 PvP Realm, a MidRate Realm!!!--

-- InceptionEmu PvP Realm!--
-Season 6 starter gear!
-Season 7 earned through PvP Badges!
-Season 8 earned through hard earned Arena Points!
-Tier 10 also available!

-- All Arena's/Battleground's working! --
-Daily hosted PvP events!
-Gurubashi Chest Spawning!

-- InceptionMMO Realm! --
-Scripted raids.
-Auction House Bot.
-15x Leveling Rates
-Working Vehicles, WinterGrasp.
-Custom scripted Boss's.

Special Content:
WinterGraps Fighter Plane - Working
Custom "Blizz-Like" Items, such as Pets and Non-combat items.

Official Launch Date: ~TBA

Current Updates for InEmu Core:
- PvP Updates
World War 2 BG [Custom BG with Fighter Planes]
New PVP Venders
City Conquest
- Raid Updates
Ruby Sanctum

InceptionEmu Website: us.kbve . com