Hi guys,

Minako is small but tightly knit community for bunch of people who like to raid together. We're friendly bunch of people. So if you like a server that won't make you feel like you just another player but part of a family, come in and give us a try...

Our details,
- XP :2.5x
- Profession: 9
- Money: 10x
- Talent: 2.5x
- Max Level: 80
- Drop item: 4x
- Reputation: 2.5x
- Honor: 2.5x
- Forum: blackcat . pureforum . net
- Registration Status: Open
- Acc registration: forum . icatcomputing . com . au/OpenPS
- Realmlist can be found at the registration page or our own forum
- Fully functional Auction House
- Zero tolerance for Cheat/Hacking Tools.

I look forward to see you guys there


PS: Sorry about the incomplete URL, I'll edit it once I have enough point to post a proper link