We are a brand new, up & coming World of Warcraft server. Ragnarok Online Server coming soon by popular demand!

"We do all the work so you wont have to & Commited to bringing you the pleasure"

Are you tired of overcrowded WoW servers, unstable uptimes or unfriendly staff? Maybe just want to try something new?

Check out our realms! We hope to see you ingame soon! Visit us at: universe-gamingcentral.com

Quick facts about our realms

*The Fallen Kingdom (Custom High Rate Realm)

- PVP/PVE (Version 3.3.5)
- Fully Scripted
- High Rate (EXP/Drop0x / Money:100x)
- Custom Mall to buy all the needed materials.
- Central Library to learn your professions.
- Central weaponsarena to learn your weapons skills.
- Teleporters to the main Cities, arenas, BGs, and instances.
- The ability to learn a third primary profession for each char.

*Pandora's Box (Blizzlike Low Rate Realm)
- PVP/PVE (Version 3.3.5)
- Low Rate (2X) Blizzlike
- We want to keep this realm as close to blizz as possible for your die-hard fans.

Quick facts about us

- Professional, Mature and friendly staff with up to 5 years of WoW private server management experience

- Website and forum for wow and non-wow topics

- IRC chat with GMs available almost 24/7 for direct help and fun (free !fml in IRC)

- Hosting of regular events and contests (gfx, video, creativity)

- days, even weeks of uptime!

- Our commitment and dedication assured us over 80% of the quests working

- We have a great gaming community supporting us (bugreports, ideas/suggestions, donations to make our project go on)

- We are still in need of reliable, friendly & experienced staff members to supply even better support to our gaming community.

If you think you've got what it takes, join us now!