Just for a starters im not gonna be going all out and saying my server has this and that cause all servers are basically the same with some have less lag and some have more etc. but what i will tell you is my server is a fun server but no instant 80 or that crap just a decently fast leveling rate, no bugs found , most instances work, boss fights aren't boring things actually happen, my servers just a place to hang out and have fun, but for that you gotta bare with the hamachi part.....my router hates me so i cant make it non hamachi but mods and gm's are needed so hey if you seem helpful you'll get a gm spot or mod.

HAMACHI =-> just copy and paste the name
user-name= BlueScar001 (if it says its full just change the last number....up)
pass= 123

need to be in my hamachi b4 log on
set realmlist

email me your desired user-name and pass

[email protected]