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    [Trinity] OhWoW :: Your #1 source for PvP

    OhWoW :: Your #1 source for PvP!

    Amazing High-Def Professional Made Trailer
    Due to me having under less then 10 posts, please type in 'Oh-WoW.net Promotional Video' into YouTube.

    Websites address: oh-wow.net
    Realmlist: set realmlist oh-wow.net
    Patch: 3.3.5

    **OhWoW, brings you on a journey to a different kind of World of Warcraft..... FACTION LESS WORLD OF WARCRAFT! This is a unique server with ideas never seen before and used, I assure once you enter you'll never want to leave. Engage in huge combat wars with guilds from across the server competeting in 30v30 full on world PvP. Find this PvP at our custom made siege cities and also our shadowbane-esque Guild City banes using wintergrasp objects like siege vehicles,gunners and all that! Build your city anywhere, and fight to defend your work of art as you try and attack the opposing guild(s) trying to destroy your city. Who will be the most dominant guild, you'll have to come see for your self .**

    Want to show your skill and have that hardcore feel when PvPing? Well, when you fight someone, you definitely have to show your skill because when you die, you lose gear and some items which are in your inventory, so goodluck!

    Other features include.
    *Instant Level 80
    *Free Starter Relentless Gear
    *Faster Profession Leveling
    *City sieges + City siege bosses
    *Guild Cities + Banes + Rewards (Shadowbane-esque)
    *Player Housing
    *Bounty Hunter
    *Friendly GM Staff and GM run events
    *Top 10 player list detailing Overall Score / Killing Blows / Deaths
    *Recall book (Instant teleport to any marked location)
    *Faction-less game-play (can group/guild/become friends with the opposite faction)
    *Free-for-all PvP (alliance can attack alliance, horde can attack horde, Faction-less PvP)
    *Open World PvP (Attack other players anywhere in game except the sanctuary)
    *A sanctuary in Shattrath City (the only safe spot in the game where you cannot be killed)
    *Loot drop; every person has the right to drop 1 equipped item + some inventory on death.
    *Gear insurance (costs 100 gold, and will prevent gear drop on death until a PvP death, or for 1 hour)
    *Custom Currency - Tickets (turned in using the Pandaren Monk for honor and arena points)

    Working and active ventrilo.
    Custom made launcher (Launches OhWoW and automatically changes realmlist.
    Detailed instructions on how to set up the launcher
    And a detailed guide on how to connect.

    Abilities/mechanics working: 95% (and increasing) - Check Server Updates on our forums for the most recent fixes.
    Server uptime: 99.99% - Only down when fixing bugs/adding content.
    GM's online: 100% - There is always 1 or 2 GM's online (we have GM's from different areas with different time zones)

    OhWoW comes with one of the best coders which has over 20 years of coding custom scripts and also one dev that can almost fix any ability/mechanic/spell by himself.
    OhWoW also has mature and helpful Gm's that will put the community before themselves and will not argue and get involved with pity behavior in the global chat channel.
    The server also has a brilliant web designer, he is still working on the new website of OhWow adding new features every other day (if possible).

    So think your skilled enough to fight on our server? Rewards are big, stakes are high, your skill is tested.

    Join now!

    Will add pictures when I get to 10 posts.

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