Hastings Online is a server dedicated to providing the same services as the official World of Warcraft servers. However, what makes Hastings Online different is the goal to create and maintain a small and friendly player base - one without harassment and other inappropriate social interactions.

Hastings Online may be the perfect Server for you if:
- You play on the official WoW servers but are tired of dealing with spam and name calling.
- You enjoy getting to know a smaller group of people and teaming up with them to accomplish goals in World of Warcraft.
- You don't mind constant Admin interaction
- You're interested more in solo play than dungeons and raids.

Hastings Online is probably not for you if:
- You enjoy the larger player base of the official WoW servers and don't really want to make friends with many other players.
- You enjoy large-scale Player Versus Player combat and 25 man raids.
- You don't enjoy the solo-aspect of WoW and are more concerned with group content.

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