Check us out at playtbc[dot]com
Version: 2.4.3 TBC

Come and visit us ! We are one of the few wow servers running The Burning Crusade.
Because of our experience in hosting wow servers (about 4 years), you will find us as a quality-server with friendly community and staff.
We currently have a great PvP system, with titles, working battlegrounds and arenas, and 3x honor rate. You will also find weekly events like Twink BG's with nice rewards, class races and Arena PvP rush.

Because of our dedicated host, with latest server technology and bandwidth we can provide 100% uptime, and very low latency. All the server maintenances are scheduled and proper announced, so you can always be informed what's new/fixed, or added.
Our Core supports latest technology, and works great, so all the spells, talents and encounters are mostly fixed by default.

We handle our databases with very much care and proffesionalism, so you don't need to worry about losing you character, event if you didn't logged in for a long time. There are daily backups scheduled so even if something goes wrong, you won't get a big rollback.
So in a short way to say it, we have working PvP, working Dungeons and Raids, Entertaining Events and we like to play the game as it's supposed to be. No custom content, overpowered classes or items, in one word NO "FUNSERVER".
Come and join our numbers today, bring your friends too and you will find great rewards.