endless-arenas.com Is looking for players
We are the next Arena - Tournament Server.
We have our own development Team, experienced Admins, a dedicated Server machine with :
2x4x2.1 Ghz
16gig of ram
100mbits connection.
We have tons of bugs fixed and we are the most bugfree Arena Server on the net. Forget Lags or Queues.
You start with the Exact Same gear as on the Retail Arena Tournament Server.
We have nice Malls and a Teleporter Npc that teachs you every class Spell with one click.

- Resilence works 100%
- Tons of Classbugs Fixed
- Stable Custom Trinitycore
- Better then Abyssal wow or Arena Addicts
- No Donations or Custom Gear
- 24/7 uptime
- Check our Changelog!!

Visit us today on endless-arenas.com to play serious arenas and battlegrounds.