- International server
- Good connection, no lag
- Host with the latest model of hardware
- 99.9 Active talents
- 99.9 Active Raids & Dungeons
- 12x High Rate Realm
- Dedicated staff who care for fixes and updates

WoW-WarZone is a new server, but with much experience of the administration. We can offer you professionally made server with fully working and raydove inctansi. WoW-WarZone there is a realm-Neptulon - 12x High Rate Realm.
WoW-WarZone is the first Bulgarian internationally oriented server, something new, something different from anything you've seen in Bulgaria until now. These stories are not empty, visit our site, our forum and only they will see the difference than anything else offered in Bulgaria. We rely on the professionalism and satisfying the desires of the consumer.
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website is:wow-warzone.com