PaikProductions, Jordythery and Zynem, together with Altramax™ proudly present:

  • Working Dungeon Finder.
  • Working Random Battlegrounds.
  • Working Vehicles.
  • Working Wintergrasp.
  • Scripted content from Vault of Archavon to Ruby Sanctum.

    • Vault of Archavon is scripted.
    • Ulduar is scripted.
    • ToC works and is scripted.
    • ICC works. (Fully spawned, wings of the Citadel are open as well.)
    • Ruby Sanctum works. (Fully spawned.)

The time for change has come...

After a long, very long delay... We've finally updated our main realm. And as voted by our community, it is now fully Blizzlike (mid-rate, 3x) PaikProductions has worked weeks on this update, and another massive database update is incoming somewhere this week!
The illumina project is now Blizzlike, and by thus the characters database got wiped. We'll give all players a head start, allowing them to level up and perhaps reach that realms-first achievement before we add in any donation options and or rewards for our current players. (As there will be one.)
This isn't the only change that is happening. We're working on a complete new website, the vote and donation shops will be renewed, we're getting a new forum style, which'll be a lot nicer, The 255 realm is also getting updated, by thus a lot to look forward to! Regarding the current players, there will be a reward, but you'll have to be patient. This update'll take us approximately a week to establish.
Last but not least I'd like to point out some updated threads that you probably should read;

That would be all for now, but if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact Jordythery, Phantom, Anubis either via PM or via msn. Also you can reply here.
Needed information:
You might just need the following information if you'd like to take a peak on our server or our community;

Whilst we are very glad we have our community, and we are trying our best to give you the absolute most amazing experience ever seen before, we do have to ask for a favor.

I'd like to encourage everyone to vote for us:
If any bugs are found, please submit them. If you have any suggestions, please make them. And if you have any feedback, please give it.
Last but not least, I'd like to thank our amazing host, Altramax™