Eternal-WoW is one if the most successful and popular WoW private servers in the world.
We have openings for the following:
  • Core Developer: Please be proficient in C++ and Trinity API (will be tested). You'll be bug fixing or adding new features to our custom branch of Trinity.
  • Marketing Guru: Social and Black/White Hat Marketing. You should understand most of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, SENuke, XRumer, Scrapebox, backlinking, Google index rank tweaking, viral marketing, etc. You will be hired if you know more than me on how to market to the right target audience.
  • SQL Dev: If you don't know what an "inner join", "replace into", or an index is, don't apply.
  • Game Designer: Please have your portfolio (screenshots, video, etc.) prepared to show. The most important factor here is your ability to make art out of wow gameobjects, npc's, items, and quests. Please, no crappy obstacle course builders.
  • GM's: We never need any. Please don't apply.

Some positions (Core Dev, Marketing) are for pay, for the very skilled.
One of the best aspects of working here is the joy of seeing a large community of players enjoy your efforts.

Dev positions apply on the website: (use the application on the site to apply. Game designers just ignore the programming questions and use the fields to describe your skills).
Marketing, find Cyph3r or Mattmeck on our ventrilo (info on the site).