Blizzlike: Ravenholdt is a proffesional 3.3.5a Blizzard like private server. He have written QCS's for 99% working quests (of course no one can have 100%). Testers have ran through over and over for bug checks, and the exact number crunch for working quests, raids, instances is 97.45%.

We are 100% Blizzard like, for those who enjoy the feeling of leveling and working hard, and are soon openining a Fun realm once we get this Blizzrealm kicked off. We are brand new!!!!

Thats right, you can still be the first of your class to level 80!!!. Join now and for a limited time, get an instant level 40 character and 5oog!! This is very limited, and will end when we begin to gain members.

We have events daily, with rewards ranging from gold, to level 80 characters with Tier 10.5!! Thats right, you have a chance to become level 80 with tier 10.5 from the start!!!

Join us now at Ravenholdt.co.cc and enjoy the true World of Warcraft feeling FREE!!!

Gm's are not an applyable position, it is gained by showing hard work and determination in Ravenholdt realms.

Once you join, open a ticket asking for you level 40 character, and our inGame Gm's will respond ASAP, almost immediatly