URL: blood-wow .com
(Remove the space inbetween the w and the dot)

Welcome to Blood-WoW!
Where the brutality just begins!

We are a instant 80 pvp server that is only 1 week old and most of all we are looking for a big community. Once u come to Blood-WoW, You will never want to leave. So JOIN NOW!

Why join this server you ask? well it has the following features:

  • Instant 80

  • Free S7 and Tier 9
  • Battlegrounds work
  • Arena's Work
  • Voting items are excellent!
  • Full legitament PvP system so u dont get any OP donor players!

Join now while you still have a chance at a staff position! From all the staff team and the community, we hope to see you soon in Blood-WoW!