We are a newly formed wow private server patch 3.3.5a and we will be opening in 1 week we will have 2 realms, 1 realm is a blizzlike realm and you can level up the old fashioned way and you can buy tier 10 and tier 10.5 with gold, also you can vote for gold.

Our other server is a fun pvp realm with free S8 And tier 10, You get emblems from voting rewards or you can get them from killing other players in PvP.

We are also currently looking for staff we are in need of 1 C++ developer, 1 website developer and 3 in-game GM's for support and Events.

If you would like to become active or if would like to apply for staff please go to our temporary forums:"bloodfusion.freeforums.org]BloodFusion.freeforums.org • Index page" Without the ""