About RagingWoW

RagingWoW is a FREE world of warcraft private server. Our server is maintained daily. By doing regular updates/fixes on core, database and daily backups to prevent wipes or rollbacks. We are running WOTLK expansion and currently at 3.3.5a patch. We have a customized items, npc's and more to enhanced your gaming experience. Best of all we have mature and friendly GM's to answer and support you for all your questions.

Our Realm Info
We currently have 1 and only Funrealm. This is a high rate realm so you dont have to spend too much time leveling and gearing up. This realm have:

  • Custom Items/Gears & NPC
  • 100x creature drop rates
  • 100x Boss Drop rates
  • 60x experice rates (level up, reputation & skill rates)
  • 10x Honor and Arena rates
  • Custom events
  • and more!

you can visit the site here