Hello fellow gamers! register your account at northparkwow.dyndns.org and send me your account name for admin status if interessted! TBC realm coming soon!
Server info:

Icc10/25 11/12 (still no gunship :p)
All Battlegrounds, Arenas + Wintergrasp battle!
All instances spawned and scripted!
Instant 80 + tier 10.5 and Season 8
Tier 10.5 heroic aviable from PvP kills and ICC
Custom Raids, event, PvP events for legendary season 9

Hope to see you soon!

NOTE: Server still in development for 100% blizzlike gameplay and will not be up 100% yet, I will let you know before server shutting down. I will thank all players who still decides to try it out for their patience and understanding about this matter


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Site has been down, but should be fixed now


Credit to Akwardev for his sql scripts

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