Welcome to WoW UtopiE

Website : l2utopie.de

Hello Community !

We are brand new Mid-High-Rate Server.

Its a Raid and Pvp Server.

Here some Infos:

Server Rates:

Xp: 25-35x

Gold: 30x

Drop: 12x

Quest: 15x

Vote Reward System ( Instant over Mail )

Donation System ( Instant over Mail )

Server Specs:

Dual Core 2 x 2.2 Ghz

4 Gb Ram

100Mbit Connection

Located in Germany

Since we just started today (10.02.2011) and we need to grow fast here is a special Offer :

The first 3 Players who reach level 60 will get T3 for free.

The first 20 Players who reach level 60 will get T2 for free.