World of The Forgotten is a new wow private server with 2 realms (we will add more), we correctly not have any website but i will update the post when we have.


Realm1: Forgotten (Blizlike) 3.5 xp rate, bonus drop. Custom Instances example, ICC 25 raid. Fully Working BG And Arena, Guild Vendors Working, Friendly Nice and Activ Gm's.

Realm2: Deathclaw (Fun Realm) 15 xp rate, 30 Drop Bonus 50 xp rate bonus.
Vendor Street and Mall under Contruction. Level Road open, Fun Bg and Arena fair play Fixing.

Well if u wanna join our team then we need a webpage creator or if u just wanna join the server then please mail [email protected](dot)com

or contact me on skype mr.fr3akdk

Now have a nice day and please come try it out.