TBC & WOTLK (3.3.5a) • Stable • Low/Mid rates • Scripted • Raids, Battlegrounds & Arena Working • Recustomize & Rename System • Vote & Donate for rewards • No custom items • DualSpec & Vehicles, Custom events, AHBot • No corruption!


Server is very new, started with 30x rates on all realms, now we lowered rates to 3x for WOTLK realm, 30x for TBC realm and 1x for CLASSIC realm. Server is very stable and scripted. You can connect on all realms with one client (3.3.5a).

Some server options enabled:

Chat: both teams Group: both teams

Guild: both teams

Mail: both teams
Who List: both teams
Add Friend: both teams
Inspecting: yes
Fly paths: visible
Max skill at next level: yes

Play is quick and yet hard. So if you like some challenges, you are welcome to join us.