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NEW Server - Fresh population, NEW content - earn uniqe rewards during the startup progress!
Basic Server info:
¤ Client build: 3.3.5a (12340)
¤ Trinity Core
¤ Wotlk/TBC expansions supported
¤ Donation System
¤ Voting System

Realm Info:
¤ Instant 60
¤ Custom Mall - Including free tier 1,2,3 + AQ/BWL/Naxx misc. as starting gear - Free season 4 and tier 6 when reaching lvl 70 - Free season 7 and tier 9 for level 80 players + all needed off sets and misc.
¤ Custom World Arenas
¤ ICC 10/25 (hc) spawned + scripted 11/12 (no gunship)
¤ RS Spawned + scripted
¤ All TBC/WOTLK content 90% spawned + sripted
¤ Working spells/talent builds/proffession enchants
¤ Arena Season 8 - Wrathful Gladiator Title + mount added to top 3 at the end of the season
¤ All world events spawned + scripted
¤ More player commands such as: -- .teleport and .bank --
¤ Dungeon Finder/Raid Browser + Battleground/arena system fully working! TBC heroic requirements removed!
¤ Rep gain x10 - honor gain x3
¤ 24/7 Uptime - Noob friendly staff
¤ Working Flying Mount in Azeroth added for VIPs and Donors

¤ IN DEVELOPMENT: level 60 Naxxramas

--¤-- 10 people have now dinged 70 and been awarded for their effort during our startup progress. Still We are low populated and we want more people to join so we now add:
¤ 10 first players to ding 80 will recieve:
¤ VIP rank 2 (normally only obtainable from Donation, same as GM rank 2. There are 5 GM ranks)
¤ Flying Mount in Azeroth + Invincible's Reins
¤ Realm First Fall of the Lich King Achievement
¤ Free season 8 and tier 10 (Wrathful Gladiator and ICC Tier)
¤ Professions Maxed
¤ Gold Cap + 50,000 honor

GZ to Darkseraph for realm first level 80!

NOTE: We are still in the starting progress and when you log in you will see very low popularity, but in order to raise it, we need YOUR help. Leveling is a great thing to spend your time at if you find nothing to do. Levelers will be rewarded great and uniqe items and spells normal players will never get + donation rewards. Don't miss your chance to be one of the Kings of the Blackrock Chambers.

-If you want to apply for GM or need more support, visit our forum:

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Owner: Gibbs