We are a private server online since more than three years, we have a qualified and mature (19 year old minimum) staff members, and available 20/24h

* Classes perfectly balanced
* Raid Icecrown Citadel opened
* Cooldown / HP / Mana refreshed on every duel starts
* Can challenge duel other players in Dalaran Sewers
* Dungeon Finder works with its reward Emblem of Frost
* 3.3.5 Retail Armory available
* Available items Wrathful Gladiator's
* Rate exp for quests and kill are raised to 6x
* Auction House is continually replenished thanks to automated bots
* Emu and DB are completely customized
* Daily Backups

And much more! Join us now!

Patch required: 3.3.5a

Information on the dedicated server:

We have a dedicated server with Core Xeon i7, and 10 gb/s of bandwidth!

The server is perfectly stable, and we have low latency thanks to 10 gb/s

Server is located in Italy.