3.3.5a - Rates: 40x

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  • Experience rates: 40x
    Honor rates: 4x
    Arena flushes: weekly
    Starting gear: t8 + toc25 trinket of choice 3.3.5a is a new World of Warcraft server for players that prefer a high rates environment, yet a blizz-like experience from both PvE and PvP standpoints.

PvE: Dungeon Finder available, ToC5 / ToC25 available, Frozen Halls available, Icecrown Citadel available (Lich King soon), Ruby Sanctum soon.
PvP: Well-working battlegrounds / arenas, 4x honor rate, arena teams start at 1000 rating. Arena points are being flushed weekly (on sundays). Random Battlegrounds are up and running.
Wintergrasp is available. Spells and talents are working well - our team is continuously working to fix reported bugs.

You can create an account or check the server's status on
You can find more details on our forums at

Leveling items available this week only.