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    EncryptedGaming - 3.3.5 Vanilla


    Hey people, just going to explain a bit about our new PRE-BC server based on patch 3.3.5 through some FAQs!

    Account creation site:

    Realmlist: set realmlist encrypted-gaming.com

    Forums coming soon.

    What type of server is it?
    - Patch 3.3.5.
    - Instant level 60.
    - Pre-BC based, NOT a level 60 twink server.
    - PvP realm (in the sense that you can't un-flag in contested zones).

    How is it pre-TBC on 3.3.5?
    - Disabled all talents past the 31 talent row (e.g. Bladestorm).
    - Disabled various other TBC/WotLK talents (e.g. Taste for Blood, Imp Devouring Plague).
    - Spells which were introduced / significantly changed in TBC/WotLK removed (e.g. disengage).

    Malls, what do we get?
    - Free Dungeon 2 gear and level 50-60 blue weapons in vendors.
    - Class and weapon trainers for no cost.
    - City portals, 4 portals to different spots around Blackrock Mountain, 2 portals to each gold zone (explained later), portal for Hunters to get their desired pet.
    - Custom quests for Thunderfury, Hand of Ragnaros, Benediction and the Hunter quests (blizz-like objectives).
    - Profession vendors (explained later).
    - Instant flight paths.

    - 95% scripted instances and raids including Onyxia who returns to level 60, scripted.
    - No raid saves, if your raid fails after one boss you can restart it with a new raid.
    - All 4 world Dragons of Nightmare spawned, Lord Kazzak and Azuregos spawned.

    - Battlegrounds working.
    - PvP title system which automatically gives you your title when you reach the required amount of HKs (e.g. 1HK gives you Scout/Private).
    - Blue PvP set just requires honor, epic PvP set requires Rank 12/13/14 for gear/weapons.

    What are Gold Zones?
    - 1) Noxious Glade (EPL), Sanctuary zone, mobs are weaker but have increased health, all drop 1 gold each.
    - 2) Tyrs Hand (EPL), PvP zone, mobs are elites with regular health, drop 2-4g.

    What is the profession system?
    - Trainers all in the mall.
    - Vendors behind trainers with mats to get you from 1-300 (75x rates) for gold.
    - Vendors also include some recipes but do not include the highest level of recipes.

    How about the Staff?
    - Currently there are 4 of us who have created the server, one of us will usually be on for most of the day and night.
    - Everyone who will ever be a part of our staff will show the upmost respect and politeness to players; without players we are nothing thus we will treat you under that logic.
    - Events will be held, there will be the standard PvP and misc events as well as some new ideas being thrown in.

    Moonglade, custom, you what?
    - Somewhere in Lake Elune'Ara you will find Maws, a shark boss who drops 300g and various trinkets such as Tidal Charm, but don't be fooled, he isn't an easy boss.
    - More to come once the server grows.. stay tuned!
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