Hello Ac-Web! There is a new WoW server for free!
It's called Wod-WoW!

Server info
Wod-WoW is a PvP|Blizzlike realm made for the people which in love with PvP.
All Vendors Spawned at Orgrimmar and Stormwind City
What about items?
1-Free Season 6
2-Season 7 Required (Honor Points)
3-Season 8 Required (Arena Points)
4-Free Tier 9,9.5
5-Tier 10.5 Required (Honor Points)

Server Stats

-> Instant 80 PVP Realm
-> Blizzlike 10x Realm
-> PVP|PvE System
-> Working Arenas
-> Working Battlegrounds
-> Working Spells
-> Working Talents
-> Working Glyphs
-> Shopping Mall
-> 24/7 Uptime
-> Balanced PvP
-> No lag
-> Stable
-> 3 Malls
-> Friendly GM's
-> Mats for all professions in malls
-> Ingame autobroadcast announces
-> Newest Trinity Core
-> Patch 3.3.5
-> Daily Bugfixes

Staff List
Host: Top
HeadGM: Domica<----Me
GM: SmackYoutoo,Ante306....
And so on....

I cant post website yet... Well i can post this wod-wow.com