Welcome to the first thread of SINISTER-WOW.

Please note: This server has not been public yet, I'm still working on it. This thread to to recruit staff only.

WE NEED: I'm new in development and could use support.
Co owner [0/1]
Game Masters [0/5]
Database developers [0/2]
Java C++ scripters [0/2]
In Game builders [0/2]
^ Numbers could change as going along.

If you're interested in investing your time in this server please pm me through these forums with the application below.


-Instant 80
-Unique badge system. ( PVP - 10k honor = 1 badge. OR 500 Arena points = 5 badges. PVE - Badges drop off of bosses. )
-Custom Bosses ( Spawned at Azshara Crater )
-Teleporter to all cities
-World PVP ( Gurubashi & Blade's Edge )
-Donate for Vanity items. ( Ex. Turtle Mount, TGC tabards. )
-EVENTS! ( mostly pvp events. 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. )
-Gear progression works as so :

PVP gear
Relentless Main pieces and off pieces - FREE.
Wrathfull Main pieces - 1000 Arena points for 1 piece.

PVE gear
Tier 9 - FREE.
Tier 10 main pieces - 20 badges per piece.

-You start off with free off pieces for both PVE, and PVP.

$50 - FULL wrathfull
$50 - FULL tier 10

Vanity items
each worth $10

I PLAN on merging PVE and PVP in the same server. If this doesn't go well i will update this thread.

If your interested in the jobs, here this is the format to pm me with :
Name (full) : johnny appleweed
Age : 69
Do you have retail experience? nope
Which role are you interested in? Java C++
Have you done this role before? yes
Why do you want to be apart of this staff? because evry1 hates me.
How can i reach you if accepted? my email is EMAILHERE

Obviously that would get denied but you get the picture.


As you can see, i invest my time in this server. I have nothing to do in the spring ( baseball blows. ) so i hope you don't either.

The website is the last thing on my mind. Once the server is complete, and ready for publication, i will release the website and registration will open.

I expect the server to go up around April 10th.
If no1 responds to this thread, it may be longer.