Hello, I want to present you the Tranquility realms.

The first realm is the Tranquility PvE realm:
the general rates:
1x xp
2x repu
3x honor
anything else 1x
auto custom events, custom eventzones and bosses
common chat, guild, AH, party, trade betweed the two factions

the second is Sindragosa realm:
type: roleplay
xp rate 5x
repu 2x
anything else 1x
no channel
hard roleplay rules

the third is a Cataclysm realm with the name Destiny
type: RPPvP
gold 50x
kill 20x
quest 25x
repu 5x
drop poor, normal, rare: 3x, epic: 2x
profession 5x
instant flight
You cant join with the patch 4.0.6a and 4.1.0 too!

What we can offer on all realms:
-working Dungeon Finder
-blizzlike scripted instances and raids (ICC too)
-working battlegrounds
-98% of the quests are working
-working spells and talents
-High uptimes, lagfree
-friendly community

Our server is 1 year old now, and we have never lost any characters so far!
Character Migration to the PvE realm is available!

join us today on: tranquility-world .eu (sorry for the link but I am a new user and can't post links...)