Wepa-Wow! The New Quality Server!

Wepa-Wow! is a new Private Server made with the highest of standards and passion for the game. It features:

- Creative events every week guaranteed!
- Custom content: Mall at Shattrath and Teleporter
- No lag and almost no bugs!
- Cool site with armory!
- Good and caring staff
- Rates are x140 (High Rates Realm)
- A lot more!

Aperture Promotion

The first 50 people to join the server will recieve:

- Instant level 80
- 10K Gold
- Max 2 Profession skills to 450
- Furious Gear (Season 6)
- Promo Mount (Only obtainable through this promotion)

All you have to do is enter and make a ticket, one of our GMs will assist you. Come and take advantage of this promo it wont last long!!