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    SPYWoW - 3.3.5a - GET PAID TO PLAY! - 15x Rates


    SPY WOW - Your WoW Private Server
    3.3.5a Blizzlike - One Realm
    Trinity Core - Not a Repack
    Increased Rates - Currently 15x
    Earn The Best Gear by Voting, Raids, PVP, or Donating!
    Streamlined Leveling Experience - get to endgame and PVP more quickly
    95% of Spells and Talents Working
    Four Arenas Working
    Most Battlegrounds Working - All except Wintergrasp
    ICC 90% Scripted
    Ruby Sanctum
    Helpful and Friendly Community
    Down-to-Earth ownership and staff that does not act superior to players or place themselves on a pedestal
    Donations accepted but will only be used towards normal gear rewards.
    No Overpowered Donors!


    First of all I want to thank you for opening this thread and giving us your time. If you don't mind I would like to provide you with some general information first, before I break down the stats on our servers.

    1. We are not someone hosting a server from their house or just tinkering around for fun.
    2. We have a powerful game server with a dedicated 100mbps port. (see speedtests)
    3. We are not going to put the server up and then disappear. We are here for the long haul.
    4. We do not need donations to stay alive.
    5. We are not doing this to make money - it is a hobby.

    We all know the servers that pop up here and then fade into oblivion, right? We are not one of those.

    We don't need to save up cash to move out of mom's basement or to have extra beer money in College. We are two mature, working adults with good jobs who are doing this as a hobby. We have money to keep the server going without anyone donating a penny. It would be nice if people donate, but we aren't going to have to shut down if they don't.

    We have a dedicated server. It costs roughly $100 a month. It is probably a waste at this point but we don't really care, so please don't tell us we are wasting our money, we already know. For the price of half a bar tab on one Friday night we are able to run a server for a month. We are willing to make that sacrifice.

    It is being used to run the game server and only the game server. We have separate servers for our website and other projects.

    Here are the stats of our dedicated game server:

    2.3ghz Dual Core
    4GB RAM
    100Mbps Port
    Flux Capacitor

    Here are the stats of our web server:

    1.6ghz Atom
    2GB RAM
    100Mbps Port

    Visit our forums for more information

    I'm sure you are wondering what we are talking about so let me break it down. We are proposing what we believe is a unique and fun system that will offer active players a chance to share in any profit earned by the server.

    It is pretty dumb to start a WOW private server with hopes of getting rich, isn't it? Nevertheless, some people do actually make money. I like to picture the vast majority of these individuals as shut-ins with severe emotional handicaps who sit around laughing manically atop their piles of cash. Although this usually isn't true it still makes me feel better.

    We are going to do things just a little different though - when we make money we aren't keeping the profit for ourselves. If there is any, we are giving it back to the community every month. Here's how it works:

    As I already mentioned we have roughly $100 in monthly expenses to operate our game and web servers. Any revenue earned beyond that will be considered profit. On the fifth of every month we will publish information detailing exactly how much we earned in donations the previous month. We will then divide it up in the following manner:

    10% - Devs - This is 10% total for all developers. There are currently two so they each receive 5%.
    10% - GM / Support Staff - There are currently two so they each receive 5%
    10% - Savings towards future server expansion, maintenance, repair, development and deployment.
    Remaining 70% - Divided amongst players active both in-game and on the forums via an awards system. Exactly what the different awards and their eligibility requirements will be has yet to be finalized.

    Possible Awards Include:

    Most Respected (game and forum member most respected by the community)
    Most Feared (PVP award - 1 each for Alliance and Horde)
    Most Improved (PVP award for the player making the most noticeable skill improvement)
    Most helpful (in-game and on the forums)
    Noob Award (similar to "most liked" but for n00bs who joined in the previous month)
    Top Dog Award (most HKs during the month)
    Elite Guild Award (Will go to the Guild Leader to divide as he/she sees fit)

    So, in theory, let's say we earn $500 in donations in a given month. $100 of that will go towards server costs. Of the remaining $400 thirty percent will go to Developers, GMs, and savings. The remaining $280 will be split evenly amongst award recipients. If there are seven awards that comes out to $40 each per winner. Yes, you can win more than one award. No, staff members are not eligible.

    Of course this is all just theory. Some months, especially when we are first starting out, we may earn very little, if anything, in donations. So how about we grease the wheels just a little bit more?

    In the months that there are no donations to split amongst award recipients we will find other ways to reward these players. Possibilities include free items, titles, and whatever else we can think of or the players suggests to us.

    We truly feel that this community approach is going to give good quality players a reason to come to our server and to be active participants in helping it grow properly. This is a commonwealth server in every sense of the word and you will get out what you put in. Instead of handing off donations to a person or group that is keeping them for personal gain how about we all pitch in and create a good community that is based not on greed but on fostering and nurturing a positive experience for all players, as well as rewarding those who go above and beyond "the call of duty?"

    What do you say? Will you give us a chance and come be part of our new community starting at the ground floor?

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    We have some good news to share pertaining to voting and player rewards and we really couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. Hopefully you have time to read all about some of the new updates to the server and our account control panel.


    We have officially added Tier 7 items to our voting reward system. Now you can be rewarded with this gear for your class simply by voting for our site every 12 hours. Once you have accumulated enough points simply log in to the account control panel and click on vote shop. From there you can search for the items you want in two ways. You can either type "Tier 7" into the search form, or be more specific and search for your class. Type "Shaman Tier 7" to find the Tier 7 options for Shamans.

    Please keep in mind that some classes, like Shaman, may have more than one set of gear. Make sure you pay attention and make sure your set matches when you are selecting items individually. We will not be responsible for people not paying attention to what they are choosing for vote rewards.


    Some other good news is the announcement of our "First to 80" contest. After much debate amongst the staff we have decided that the first ten players to reach level 80 on SPYWoW will be rewarded with a full set of Tier 7 gear for their class, as well as a similar level weapon of their choice.

    We hope this will be motivation for players to get online, have fun, and level up their characters.


    We are hard at work tuning the server capacity and tweaking settings to improve the experience for players. Additionally, we have been applying new updates from Trinity as they become available. As we do we will be sure to post updates in the shoutbox to keep everyone informed.

    Hopefully these changes are appreciated, and if you have any questions please post in the forums and let us know!

    We hope you will come join us!

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