Nearly Blizzlike Rates
Beta Phase - 10 open spots available
Version 3.3.5 Wotlk
Trinity Core Server - Very Stable

-Working Battlegrounds - all working
-Working Random Dungeons - all working
-Skills, talents, and tradeskills - 99% working
-Deathknight area - all quests work properly

-Quests tested for Azeroth and Outlands - all work
-Quests tested for Northrend - most working, but all will be sometime soon
-Vehicles/Mounts - working
-Level cap is currently 81, but goal is to increase it to 85 with new gear and quests.

-added a battleground for characters level 81-82
-respawned mobs in Elwynn Forest, Outland and Deadmines.
-Beta testing Battlegrounds, and Random Dungeons
-All beta testers will be given GM rights when the server opens to the public.

For Beta key, PM me. Replies shouldn't be more than 2 hours.