Type: Funserver
Features: This server has full t11, Season 9 arena, and many many more custom vendors. IT also supports BG's and custom PvP tokens. Most gear is free.
Overview: Eternum wow was made quite a while ago. Just is wasn't made public until now. We, the staff of Eternum, wanted to make the server almost flawless before we made it public. This server uses self compiled features and scripts. This server also has fully working worgen, goblin, and death knights(obviously). Stats work 100%, Mastery system works. 97% spells work as 99% talents work. All items proc nice and smooth. Can't wait? be the first couple to join and recieve prizes varying from weapons to full armor sets.
Staff character names: Archie (server owner) Boss (Co-owner/dev.) Ashes (Head in game GM)
Dodge Serenity
Sin Snake