Do you have enough of fun servers with custom items, instant lvl80 and overpowered V.I.P stuff?
Are you searching for a server that can provide you the closest experience of retail servers?

If yes, then SpermikWoW is the server that you are searching for !

Well, now you may ask: 'What makes this server that special?' First of all some facts!

* SpermikWoW is using the TrinityCore, which has less bugs since an experienced team of developers are fixing bugs EVERY day!
Look up urself

* The Server gets automatically updated with those fixes to provide you a game experience with almost no bugs!

* The Uptime is another proof of how bugless SpermikWoW actually is, the server almost never crashes.

* Dungeons like Naxx, EoE, OS ... are working ' blizzlike ' to give you a real challenge, so it will never get boring. Still Ulduar and ICC are not opened yet due to many bugs but being worked on and should be released in near future!

* Currently there are ~ 670 Players online, getting up to 820 on evenings

* There is no custom or V.I.P stuff .

* Most of the talents are working to provide you a balanced pvp !

Join Today and enjoy an almost blizzlike experience!