Demonic Gaming is here!

We have 1 Cataclysm realm that is almost ready for 4.2~!

*4.0.6-4.1.0 (and soon 4.2.0) blizzlike low rate realm, details:
-Rate 5X
-Quests 98% working
-Custom Events
-Vote and Donor shop
-Daily Fixes
-In the first 2 weeks players will get leveled to 20 and get 100 gold to start off with your new character.
-Recruit a friend *See website for details

We have a very active staff to make sure all of the server is working as it should work.
We have daily fixes, when players report a bug to us we will make sure it will be fixed as soon as possible so you will enjoy playing on it.
Our Host uptime is 99.99%
Host info: Dedicated , 16GB RAM, 100mbs, Dual Quad-Core

We have fixed many major issues already and we will keep up with our hard work.


The site is defaulted, but we have a better one on the way!
Hope to see you in game soon!

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