I'd like to introduce you to a whole new level of gaming.

ArmageddonWoW is running 3.3.5a, offering the best gameplay experience.

  • Stable and lag-free dedicated server, running OS Linux Ubuntu, Intel i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz, 4 cores, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 100mbps download/upload,
  • Regular Updates, release of new features,
  • Professional Staffmembers at your service,
  • PvP-based Instant 80 Fun Server,
  • Working spells,
  • Seperated malls (Alliance - Stormwind / Horde - Orgrimmar),
  • Working Battlegrounds and Arenas,
  • Daily Events.

Now we need you to join us.


Mess your skills with other players in the arena!

Start with S7 and update your gear, become a successful gladiator!

Arenapoints get flushed daily!


Malls include,

Any necessary item, if you do miss sth., request it on the Forum and the staff will take care of it!

You can get every item with an itemlevel below 264 for free at one of the vendors!

Now you ask yourself, "What about items above ilvl 264 ?"

Here's the answer:

You can get it easily in one of the 100%ly working battlegrounds! Each honor kill grants you some amount of Honorpoints.

Once you earned yourself some Honorpoints, spend them on new items!


We have nice Gamemasters able to host daily events,

hard-working Developers to improve the server regulary

and the best admins you can imagine.

We're also looking for new staffmembers, take your chance to become part of the ArmageddonWoW-family.



Don't waste your time playing on other servers, register on ArmageddonWoW.info, set your realmlist to (set realmlist and become part of the community.

- ArmageddonWoW Staff