Welcome to Addictive Gunz!

VPS Information:

* Processor: Intel® Xeon CPU E55040 @ 2.30GHz 2.30GHz (4 processors)
* RAM: 1GB
* Connection Speed: 2gbps

General Features or Information about Addictive GunZ:

EXP Rate: 45
Interface type: Maiets [Soon to be changed]
Number of maps: 30 [Every week 1 new custom map]
Types of Items / Premiums: Everything as of now ijji has + alot of custom items.
Events / Tournaments: Everyday 2 ~ 4

Website Functions : Auto coins system, donator points with shop, clan emblem uploader, ranking, status updates, login system, support form.
Also we have the Anti-Lead and a Quest + Clan Serve

We have a fine growing community and have some really active members, I'm doing 2~4 events every day which includes event points for the winner and a jjang, with these points you can buy certain items in the event/donator shop that could be a sword, or an shotgun or an predator missle or special event meds!

Also we got an 3 second spawn rate so you wont have to wait 5 seconds. And clan war in every map available!
Feel free to introduce yourself at our forums which can be found here: forum.addictivegunz.com. We had some troubles with our anti-lead so that will be fixed soon! Any questions can be posted on the forums and more information can be found there!

Remember don't get too ADDICTED!


Website: gunz.addictivegunz.com
Forums: forum.addictivegunz.com