ClassicRaiders is a brand new server running on version 1.12.1.
This server is for people who dont want to level from 1 to 60, so Start level is 55.
We want the server to be as blizzlike as possible at level 60.

Kill XP.........= X8
Quest XP.....= X10
Explore XP...=X10
Gold Drop....= X1
Gear Drop....= X1
Spells……....= Free All the way to 60
Raiding skill 75 & lvl 40 Mount free
Starting gear & Weapon skills free
Mail delivery delay 1 sec
SkillGain Crafting = 5 (Only now at Server Launch.) will be reduced to 2 or 1.

Cross Factions is enabled until population is high enough.

Every guild on the server gets a TeamSpeak 3 channel, which is PW protected.

Our Website is www dot classraiders dot info

Server Info
CPU: Quad Core i7 1st Gen @ 2.7Ghz
RAM: DDR3 CL9 8GB Kingston Dual Rank
HDD: MySQL & OS 128GB Kingston V-Series SSD
HDD: 4x 7200RPM 1TB Western Digital for Data and Emu
NET: 100Mbit/s Peering GTS Slovakia (Gaya ISP)
Will be NET: 1Gbit/s Peering GTS Slovakia (Gaya ISP) SOON

I had to remove the link due to my post-count not being high enough, but I assure you, it will be soon enough, so just use your brains when it comes to registering..