Alpha WoW

Alpha WoW is a Instant 85, PvP funserver. It includes two custom malls, working BG's and Arenas. We also have Alliance and Horde malls, as well as a Custom world pvp area. (We will soon be adding another one). *Promotion* We also include Player housing, where a use gets to choose from our plots, and then furnish it. Each house includes their own Banker, Innkeeper, and Teleporter. Once our promotion ends, housing will be available to donors. We are running patches 4.X.X and have a dedicated host.


Currently we are in need of Beta testers. While on our server, we ask to play as normal and submit feedback/suggestions to us through the ticket system. While we are in Beta, we will be adding multiple areas and vendor's as we see needed. We are looking for feedback on making the server the best possible for when we open. You will be able to keep your characters and honor/conquest progression through beta and to opening. Upon the end of Beta, our beta tester's will receive special in-game rewards to keep when we go live and a forum rank. If you are interested, please go to our website: and register for an account, from there follow our connection guide and hop in. We have testers and GM's on to assist with any problems or to talk to you about your suggestions. We look forward to seeing you in-game!

Staff Positions

We are also in need of Game Master's and Developers. If you are interested in applying and being apart of our staff please visit: Alpha WoW • Index page We are looking for experience staff member's who can contribute to our server.

Currently we need:
GM's 0/2
Developer's 0/1