We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Divine WoW!

Divine WoW is a brand new type of wow server hosted on DivineGamez.com, we are NOT a "private server" we are an alternative WoW server with around-the-clock professional and fully dedicated staff here to help in any way they can. We have 2 types of servers, Instant PvP , and PvE-Each with custom items and NPCs depending on the type of server. The GM Staff will be hosting multiple player events daily along with the automated events with rewards such as item mall items, special gear, or something just to make you look pretty. The Developers here are also working hard to ensure that the server remains stable and glitch free, if a problem were to occur they will deal with it in a timely manner. The developers will be taking suggestions from you, the community of Divine WoW to help improve on some things in the game listed below. If you do have any problems you can always reach us by submitting a ticket in game, emailing me, or logging into our Teamspeak-links in my signature

1.)Donation items.
2.)Fixable Glitches (If you find a tough one you may be rewarded)
3.)Custom armor .
4.)Custom weapons.
5.)Skills to fix or edit.
6.)We may be adding new skills.

Come join us Today!

If you have any concerns or questions, Please Email Blueberry @divinegamez.com or visit us here at forum.divinegamez.com