Hello everybody. I like to share with you, gamers, a new Cabal Server.

Skylinetwork is an Episode 2 based server with lots of Ep5 features. It's well designed (server and website) and it maintain the real professional way to be managed. It's the perfect place to spend your time, by making lots of things: leveling and skilling to be the best, quests, crafting items and the most important to make friends.

1)When it was started ?
Well the server was started a lot of time ago, but now we've wiped the database, so it's fresh. You have 100% chances to be the best.

2)Why should I play ?
Cause we offer high quality services and we respect every player. We do not make difference between players. And it's the right place to make it a growing community.

3)How hard is that game ?
It's a high-rate server, with such great features. If you don't know to play Cabal, it's very easy to start with. If you played in the past WoW, Aion, etc. then is no big deal to play Cabal.

4)Why Cabal ?
How I've mentioned above, it's a very good game, on a nice graphics engine, witch makes it a good MMORPG. It can be compared with WoW, Aion, Lineage2, etc.

Exp: 1000
Skill: 1000

Alz: 25

Drop: High

Drop: 2 Items

30 Reborns

All episode 2 maps.
Porta Inferno fully working (Ep4 map)
Chaos Arena fully working (Ep3 Dungeon)

All episode 2 items.
Ep 3/4/5 items.
Custom made items.

User control panel has got:
-all account management controls
-managing very easy your in-game characters
-instant donation system (via SMS and PayPal)
-vote reward
-referral system (NEW)

We also have Customization-Webshop: You can select an item from a list and add it options then buy it with Coins. Coins can be gathered by voting, inviting friends (referral system) or donating.

FACEBOOK: Skylinetwork Cabal

Thank you and see you there!

EDIT: As wrong section, a mod please move my post to desired section. Thank you!