Trollhammer is successor of CrackCraft server.

Together with changing the name we introduced numbers of other changes, including many improvements that affect the gameplay.

We offer you a stable server without any lag, with frequent updates, friendly and helpful Administration and clear, simple server rules.

We have bilingual website with a forum and our own TS3 server.

The server is a high rate server with following settings:

Patch: 2.4.3

Experience: x35

Reputation: x15

Honor: x15

Arena Points: x1

Increased loot (no custom items, just % to drop higher)

Website: Trollhammer.pl

setrealmlist trollhammer.pl

In the capitals of the factions there are custom vendors placed, with items and options making a smooth gameplay possible, despite the high rates (eg. food, reagents, exchanging marks from BGs to other ones).

A simple donation system makes it impossible to obtain valuable items as a gift, but it allows to speed up or skip the elements of the game, which most players find boring, such as farming Primals, and introduces elements diversifying the gameplay, such us mouts, non-combat pets or changing character’s race.

Administration makes every effort to make sure that rules of fair-play have been preserved on the server and that players never get bored (events).

We are still working on improving the core of the server, fixing raid instances, spells, and the whole game’s world, you can see the effects while reading news on the website.
So far, we have scripted most of the raid bosses to a maximum similarity to the original and managed to make PvP playable (bit-by-bit elimination of bugs causing some unfair advantage of one class to others etc.).
Of course Battleground and Arena systems are working 100% properly.

We are open to players from Poland and also any other country (speaking English on a basic level required).

There are transfers from other servers available, which consist of adding lvl 70, the standard reputations on Honored and 2000 gold.

Our current server is able to hold 1500 players online with no negative impact on the smoothness of gameplay.

Before starting to play, please read the server rules available on the forum.