~~ WoWXL ~~

WoWXL - Update Jan 16 2012

WoWXL is now Open! Enjoy our New WoW Private Server

Download WotLK and Set Realmlist

Do NOT Update - PreInstalled - PreUpdated
After you download WoW:WotLK 3.3.5a
Find "realmlist.wtf" inside your WoW folder
Located in \World of Warcraft\Data\enUS
Open "realmlist.wtf" with Notepad
Delete ALL text - make it Blank
Your file should ONLY have this -->

set realmlist

Close and Save - Register - Start game with "WoW.exe" - Play WoWXL

WoWXL Install Guide -
WoWXL Connection Guide - WoWXL Forums

Includes :
10x/10x/15x Rates
30% Faster All World Movement
Starting Gear
Starting Flight Paths
Shattrath Complete Item Mall
Wear Level 60 Gear at Any Level
All Working Skills - Tallents - Quest
BlizzLike Gameplay and Questing

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