Destiny is a vanilla raiding server for patch 1.12.1 check us out at register and check the "How to connect page" for all the information you need, including a link to a 1.12.1 client download. Currently in beta players are beginning raid progression, join up and get in on the action!

  • Instant 60
  • Dungeon 1 Starter Gear
  • Scripted 5 and 10 man Raids
  • Dedicated and Friendly Staff/Community

  • 5x Honor
  • 3x Gold
  • 2x Reputation
  • 2x Profession


Come play the classic WoW you came to know and love, the challenging raids and intense pvp can once again be experienced without the wait of 40 players. With 5 and 10 man raids you can always hop on and get in the game, but with the same amount of challenge. Scripted fights scaled for 5 and 10 man raids make the experience enjoyable but still challenging.Destiny 1.12.1 Lets you have it all.